Wunmi Aloba, the widow of the late Mohbad, explained why she cursed Mr Joseph Aloba, her father-in-law, in a viral phone conversation.

She was questioned over the phone by a worried family friend about the reason for her recent rage directed at the music star’s father, Mr Aloba.

Wunmi confirmed making the phone call last night, attributing it to being caught up in her emotions. She described receiving a message from a close friend detailing a blogger’s volley of insults intended at her kid, Liam.

According to her, she was certain about Mr. Aloba’s participation in organizing this puzzling predicament.

She stated that her cherished child, whom she referred to as her valuable property, is too young to be subjected to Mohbad’s father’s online cursing. Wunmi was insistent that her father-in-law would not be allowed to treat his grandchild the same way he allegedly treated the singer.

Wunmi revealed that’s why she warned him to stay away from her son during their phone call. She further stated that Mr Aloba is fully aware that she harbours a dark secret of his, emphasizing that she is willing to divulge it if he continues to abuse her and her kid.

The bereaved wife dug into the specifics of everything that happened between Mr Aloba and his son while the latter was still alive. She explained how he struggled but couldn’t free himself from the clutches of the bondage he found himself in.