Renowned dancer, Pocolee expresses heartbreak amidst the marriage crash between the celebrity logistic executive, Isreal DMW and his estranged wife, Sheila Courage.

This comes amidst the public saga between the couples who exposed one another, while publicly stating the things that went wrong in their marriage.


In a comment on Israel’s Instagram post, where the reasons for the separation were outlined, PocoLee expressed pain at their turnout of the union dispute his joyful attendance at their wedding.

Despite the humour, there was an underlying sense of sadness, reflecting the shock felt by many due to the high-profile nature of the wedding, attended by notable figures, including Davido, who notably cancelled a lucrative show to be present.


“Them say them no dey put mouth for husband and wife matter but how we go do this one now. 😭😭 Wedding wey I attend with joy see how una pay me back 💔💔,” he wrote.

Pocolee fumes amidst Isreal DMW’s marriage crash