Nigerian actress cum media personality, Nancy Isime, has spoken on the truth about why she dislikes kissing in movies.

Nancy Isime who is by far one of the most beloved and sought-after actresses in the industry today has played kissing or sex scenes on screen.

During an interview with Dadaboy, Nancy Isime opened up about filming those sensual scenes and explained why even if it looks good on screen, she never actually enjoys it on set. The Blood Sisters actress had this to say:

“Well, it’s a script, and Yes, I do kiss in movies.

But Why will I enjoy it? 5,000 people around you. Enjoy what? I never enjoy doing nothing. There’s cameras around, it’s a scene. I prefer to actually have kissing scenes with seasoned actors who understand the professionalism of a kissing scene or a sex scene.
‘Sex’ scene of course because everybody is all dressed up but there is movement. So there’s literally people who understand the job and are focused and are literally just running through a script.

Asked if she would go Sharon Stone, Halle Berry kinda topless for a movie, Nancy Isime said:

“I don’t know. I don’t know, that’s the truth. I don’t know. I’ve not been met with that kind of script. It has to be for a scene that is probably not sexual. Probably something that maybe something is happening. Like Blood Sisters now. [Something like] there’s a killer coming so there’s too much suspense for you to even look at my breast. Do you understand?

Let me tell you something: look at Blood Sisters. They saw the side of my boob, that is enough for them to say “oh look at that scene”, but nobody talked about it because the next thing fiam fiam, it’s too much, that’s what I’m saying. That kind of scenario where it’s totally necessary. But for a sex scene, I can depict sex without you know, body being open.”