The Nigeria Police invited Phyna, former Big Brother Naija winner, due to her alleged inability to return a rented wig after the rental time expired.

Recall that Phyna was recently criticized by a hair dealer for reportedly refusing to return a “rented” wig when the rental term had expired.

In a recent video posted on her social media profile, Phyna—who had before denied the accusations—admitted renting the wig. She claimed that she had returned it after being called out, but the hair vendor had rejected it.

She said that she chose to keep the wig because the harm the hair dealer caused her outweighed the wig’s cost.

She added that the hair merchant met her absenteeism and brought some police officers to her residence, where they dropped off a letter

Phyna said, “Yesterday, my younger sister called me and said I’ve visitors in my house. I asked who they were and she said two policemen, the hairstylist, and one woman. I asked who the woman was but she said she didn’t know the woman.

“And they dropped a letter. Because it’s from the police I want to know what to do. It reads, ‘This is the Nigeria Police. Invitation to the police.’ They now put my name and my address. Then it continued, ‘From the DPO Nigeria Police Ogudu.’ I don’t know where Ogudu is, but I will find out.”


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