Controversial rapper, Speed Darlington has shared his thought concerning a viral video of a man allegedly hawking human meat as Suya.

In the clip shared online, the man who was caught by people had his hands and legs tied as they questioned him about the commodity he hawked.

The man in response to queries claimed that it was monkey’s meat and not human meat as alleged but the men weren’t having it.

Captioning the video, Speed Darlington wrote:

“Oh my God Nigeria is a failed state. I don’t know which tribe he is but I assume he’s a Fulani caught with human Suya people are angry because they already bought meat from him and ate the meat thinking it was ram or beef, not knowing it’s a human meat I have bought three times in Lagos so far there will be no round four. Let’s divide this country so everybody can concentrate on securing the region. I was told that there was another caught in Abeokuta and he was asked how much is a whole human body from head to toe he said 54,000 naira I nearly dropped my phone in shock Less than $100 a whole human being. Do not come to Nigeria you’re better off going to other part of Africa do not come to Nigeria it’s a shit hole here. @akpimmuo is back up.”

Watch the video below:-