Ubi Franklin’s baby mama, Sandra Iheuwa suspects a case of narcissism in the ongoing controversy between the estranged singer, Lil Frosh and his ex-girlfriend, Cute Gemini.

Over the weekend, Lil Frosh shed light on his past relationship, asserting that his ex-partner had falsely accused him and manipulated events. He also issued an apology to his former employer, Davido.

He denied allegations of physical abuse, admitting only to slapping her once for disrespecting his mother. Despite Davido accepting his apology and re-following him on Instagram, Lil Frosh shared screenshots of his ex-girlfriend begging to reconcile.

Cute Gemini, however, responded on Instagram by affirming her commitment to the truth and refusing to be intimidated or bullied by anyone.

In response, Sandra Iheuwa commented in a blog’s comment section, suggesting that there’s something suspicious about the girl. She further referenced the case of a Tiktoker jailed by Cute Gemini over allegations of competition on who is the baddest baddie on TikTok.

Interestingly, her comment received numerous likes, indicating agreement from many readers.

“There’s something off about this girl. Yes I do but look at what she did to the other girl. This girl could also be a narcissist. Narcissism isn’t gender-based,” she stated.

See the exchange below …