Nigerian artist, Skales has admitted that he is unsure of the appearance of his biological father.

He revealed this in a recent conversation with media figure Chude Jideonwo.

According to him, his father abandoned his family when he was about four years old.

He expressed regret for not inquiring about his father’s identity from his mother because she was now late.

Skales described how his mother worked odd jobs to support him and put him through school.

He claimed that as a child, he too toiled hard to support his mother.

In his words:

“That’s one mystery that I’ve not been able to solve like I don’t even know what my dad looks like. The only thing I can remember about my dad was the day he was leaving us. He came to kiss me on the forehead and I remembered he had a beard. But I can’t remember the other things because I was so young. I was like four or five years old.

“I have tried to ask my mum. But then, again, because I really love my mom and I hate when my mum is sad, I feel like, okay, it’s going to make her sad. I never asked.”

In the same interview, Skales opened up about his struggles with living in the shadows of two stars from Empire Mates Entertainment (EME).

Specifically, Skales revealed that he felt overshadowed by Banky W and Wizkid, with Banky W being the first and Wizkid being the second. Skales referred to himself as “the other one.”

During Skales’ time at EME, which was headed by Banky W and included Wizkid, Shaydee, Nicola, DJ Xclusive and Banky W himself, the singer felt immense pressure to emerge from the shadows of these two major stars.

Skales explained that he would check YouTube comments and see lots of criticism from fans, which only added to his stress.

Despite the pressure, Skales persevered and eventually realized that there will always be people who appreciate his work. He has since held on to this realization and focused on creating music that resonates with his fans.

Skales further explained that being under such intense pressure motivated him to always put his best foot forward and create his best work.

He wanted to leave his mark and be recognized as a talented artist in his own right, independent of his association with EME or the shadows of Banky W and Wizkid.