Controversial Nigerian singer, Portable has made the news for the umpteenth time after he and his big sister were attacked at a bar.

The Zazuu Crooner took to his Instagram story, and shared a series of photos and videos on his Instagram stories after the attack.

In a photo sighted on his page, his sister was seen bedridden at the hospital. According to Portable, some people he called Oke Osa Boys were responsible.

Not stopping there, Portable explained that these people were fighting his sister and he had to cut short his Zambia trip to return home and defend her.

The music star also showed off the injuries he sustained during the scuffle and noted that he was stabbed on the neck by a childhood friend that he had been helping.

He showed an injury on his head and claimed that he had bought a bike for the person who did it to him and did not collect a dime for it.