Popular actress, Foluke Daramola has opened up on the allegation that she snatched her husband, Kayode Salako, from his ex-wife and reportedly took over her school.

It all started when a Twitter user, Ayinke made the accusation in reaction to Foluke’s post where she lashed out at youths who insult older people online. Ayinke claimed to have witnessed the incident, which also made news years ago.

The actress made a video to deny the claim and stated that she’s not an academic and never met her husband at the school.

Foluke, who asserted to be her husband’s only legitimate wife, acknowledged that he is a polygamist who has children with several different women.

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She added that the school in question is/was not owned by her husband’s ex-wife who left their marriage but rather was founded by a relative of her husband. The thespian insisted that according to what her husband told her, his ex-wife left their marriage and not the other way round so there was no snatching nor confrontation from her side.

Foluke Daramola continued by saying that even though she and her spouse are not as wealthy as some millionaires in Nigeria, they are happy with what they have.

She added that she is not someone who uses social media to speak about men being stolen because they are not things, remembering how she and her husband were split up for more than a year before getting back together to save their marriage.

Watch her speak below:-