Rema has played a significant role in bringing Afropop into a genre-fluid, visionary age. As a result, there is now a diverse range of music that draws on influences like the hyper-frenzy of trap, the melodic undertone of reggaetón, and the immersive soundscapes of Bollywood orchestras.

In pursuit of being one of Afrobeats gatekeepers, he invented a unique style, appealing to his audience both local and international and has mastered the craft of beautifying it.

The original version of his debut album housed 16 amazing tracks and in-release of the ultra version, he added 6 tracks, which totals it to 22 tracks.

“Charm“, “HOV” and “Dunno Me (Freestyle)“ “Holiday”, “Reason You” and Calm Down with Selena Gomez were all added to make it the Ultra collection.

No doubt, Rema would be doing justice with this new sound to charts in no time as it is his custom, and no doubt ravers would find his new deliveries sour.

Listen Below:-