Nigerian artist, Rema has denied ever having a beef with Davido or other artists.

The singer in an interview on Ebro In The Morning on HOT 97 was asked about his relationship with other Afrobeat artists most especially Davido who he was rumoured to be having beef with.

Rema in response denied that there was ever a beef between him and the DMW Label CEO, calling it rumours.

He stated that since he got into the music industry he has never had a problem with any of his fellow artists.

“From Day one, I have never had a problem with any artist…”

When the interviewers admitted that they also didn’t believe the beef reports, Rema said that he is an introvert who doesn’t like to fight and has so much respect for his elders in the Industry.

“I have so much respect, even for the OG, I don’t look for no ones trouble. I just want to make good music, I’m an introvert, I stay indoors, I don’t be causing any trouble. I don’t wanna fight,” he added.

Speaking on unity among Afrobeta artists and how it has helped in pushing Afrobeat forward, he said,

“One thing about African music or Afrobeat I will say. Afrobeat artists have done our best to promote peace among each other, yeah, we got our ego, we’ve got our achievements, you know, everybody got their own money and their paychecks but um, one thing I hva noticed is that our unity has kept us going for a very long time even when the fans want to start the sparks this stuff up…”

Rema also fingered fans as the culprits for rivalry among Afrobeat artists, stating that he respects artists who call their fans to order when they want to start the comparison.

” I won’t lie, the fans… they really be the one that will be starting this stuff. I feel like its the fans, but one thing I actually do respect, is people who call on their fans hen they see them moving mad, like me I do that but sometimes I feel really bad when I don’t see my brother doing the same because it feels like he’s enjoying the comparison you know. I feel like its somewhat disrespectful.”