Popular skit maker, Oluwadolarz publicly apologizes to his wife for disrespecting her as he begs for her forgiveness.

The comedian took to his Instagram page to make the public apology with a sincere note he addressed to her while sharing their photo together.

Although he didn’t reveal exactly what he had done, he said, in his apology that he had disrespected her so many times and he wanted to beg her forgiveness.

He apologized profusely for the unknown offence and begged her to forgive him.

Oluwdolarz said:

“I have disrespected you so many times my love, I have taken your love for granted …from the bottom of my heart I want to say I’m sorry, I hope you can find a place in your heart to forgive me

My number 1 and only

I love you wifey & @ife_luv12″

See his post below;