Popular Nigerian Afrobeats singer, Oluwajuwonlo Iledare, professionally known as Jaywon, has said that his music is a great source of relief and help for many with mental health issues.

Speaking in an interview, he said his songs have been helping people going through mental health challenges for a long time.

Jaywon revealed that one of his hit songs ‘Aje’ was inspired by a late friend who died days after they partied at a night club.

The artiste said he felt bad when he heard of his friend’s death because prior to their meeting, they had not seen in years or bothered to ask about each other. He said;

“My songs have been helping people with mental health issues for a long time. The song, Aje, was inspired by a friend I was at the club with few days before his death. We had not seen each other for years.

We did not bother asking each other about life, and what had been happening in our personal lives. He died and I felt bad.”

The ‘This Year’ crooner went on to advise music lovers to avoid listening to songs they don’t like instead of grumbling. Jaywon said:

“I feel people can stop listening to songs that don’t add value to their lives. They can also stop paying attention to music industry drama.

They can choose to listen to only music that inspire them. They should stop complaining about the songs they don’t like, because no one forces them to listen to them.”