Controversial Uche Maduagwu, a Nollywood actor, has advised women who have endured so much in their marriages to leave because it is not an endurance union.

On Friday, the actor stated on his Instagram page that many women go through a lot in marriages because it is believed that they must endure regardless of the pain it brings them.

He also questioned why religious institutions require only women to endure and not men.

According to him, it is one of the most serious issues in African culture that should be addressed.

He used his mother as an example of a woman who endured a lot in her marriage because she had to put up with a lot.

Maduagwu said:

Dear Ladies, #MARRIAGE is not an ENDURANCE union, but an #ENJOYMENT one, don’t settle for LESS. There is something wrong with some of our #African culture, for example, TOLERANCE in Marriage is often preached more to women than men, why? Both in #Churches and Mosques, they tell women to always ENDURE inside Marriages, to me, this is our biggest problem, women are not object for Endurance #Decoration in Marriages, if you are not Enjoying that Marriage, dear Ladies, kindly walk out, don’t Endure another Man’s IRRESPONSIBILITY. My #Mum went through a lot in her Marriage because of Endurance, if it not working, it not working, move out. Happy Easter.