Controversial crossdresser, Bobrisky and his mysterious lover leave many single Nigerians green with envy as they publicly showcase their affection for each other in a video that has shocked many.

The Lagos socialite and one of the most talked-about crossdressers, went online to go official with the man he’s currently seeing.

He didn’t make known the name of the guy, but while netizens are speculating, they have continued to press the hearts of singles as they share video of themselves treating each other with affection.

A video which was shared online shows the crossdresser and his man sharing a glass of orange juice, and then briefly sharing what appears to be a kiss.

As expected, this has stirred reactions among the netizens that have seen the video.

Check out some of the reactions gathered…
ms_moyosere remarked: “Are you aware that guy is a model and he was paid ???! He’s making his money …….. let him…”

ask4_vanesa1 lamented: “I get yansh and I never get man😭😭😭”

ladyque1 remarked: “Man supporting man 😂”

officialjaykemusic opined: “Dey play that guy dey on monthly salary and allowance 😂”

ayomi___x said: “Wey those people wey dey always talk say make God no let them born girls??😂 hope una gender Dey represent una well😂”

Watch the video below …