Lekan Osifeso Jr., better known by his stage as Lojay, has admitted that he has experienced numerous heartbreaks at the hands of women.

During a recent episode of the Moni Talks podcast, which is hosted by journalist Moni Osibodu, he spoke candidly about his dating experiences.

The Monalisa singer declared that despite having had his heart crushed numerous times, he is still a romantic and will remain so. He also expressed his dissatisfaction with himself.

The singer said; “I’m a romantic guy. I’ve always been a romantic guy. I don’t think that is going to change. But at the same time, [in] the space in which I exist at the moment, I have been served breakfast [heart breaks] many times. I broke up with someone because of my feelings for someone else and that person didn’t like me.

“Usually, I’m the type of person that would be more vulnerable. I’m the type of person that I put my heart on my sleeves, especially when I really like someone. But I had just learned that it is not working in my favour”.