Reality star, Phyna recounts how she reacted after a man walked up to her at a club and asked to spend the night with her for 5 million naira.

She opened up on this while speaking in her podcast “Spill with Phyna”

According to her a man walked up to her at an unnamed club and rambled on how he is a big fan of hers, requested for a selfie with her.

Shockingly for her, the man asked to spend the night her and he is willing to pay her the sum of 5 million naira.

Phyna said that she was taken aback by this, and she asked the man to send his own account number to her so that she could send the money to him.

Read some reactions below:

daraofficial said: “I saw on twitter, someone said she used to date married men 🫵🏿”

iamsaminempirehomes wrote: “Haba naaa why are you people doubting her?? Person win 100m and still has multiple endorsements you guys think she can’t turn down a man’s 5m??

reallexzi said: “Say your faves no fit turn down 5m no mean say others no fit turn am down.”

haruna.mary wrote: “Anytime wey I see fina talk talk pause con swallow saliva make u know say na Lamba dey commot for that her mouth 🤣🤣🤣”