Famous songstress, Tiwa Savage slams a resounding ‘No, Won’t Do’ in the faces of those hoping to see her change her ways, lifestyle, and personality.

The dazzling singer shared a post reflecting on the idea of remaining her true self regardless of the personality expected of her by others.

Without stating who the message was directed to or the exact reason behind her reflection, she made this known via her Instagram story to her over 18 million followers.

In her words, “When someone says to me I haven’t changed. I say I have no intentions of changing because God made no mistakes when He made me.”

It leaves many wondering if she was implying her personal growth or another topic altogether. The message’s recipient and its context remain unclear.

Nevertheless, one thing remains clear: her music career has flourished, and she has undergone significant evolution over the years even after her divorce.

Additionally, her fashion sense has transformed over time, earning her praise from some while others questioned the need to reveal so much skin in her recent photos.

Essentially, Tiwa Savage has experienced growth, if not change, from the public’s perspective. Hence, her post likely pertains to internal matters and not public drama.