In a fresh video, Nigerian singer, rapper, and songwriter Habeeb Okikiola, popularly known as Portable, boasted about defeating fellow celebrity, Charles Okocha in a boxing match.

He expressed victory in his statement despite having a slight disadvantage against his opponent before and during the fight.

He said in the video, “It wasn’t just a photo op, didn’t you see how tall and big Charles Okocha is? He’s an Igbo boy.”

“He’s unnecessarily tall. They didn’t check our weight; Charles Okocha weighs more than me, yet I beat him. He took heavy punches. He fell to the floor, and it turned into wrestling. There are some punches you’ll receive and shrug off; he couldn’t.”

“His coach told him to switch tactics, but I adjusted and defeated him. What will he tell his kids? That Portable defeated him? He’s asking for a rematch, but what will he tell his wife?”

The Nigerian singer made several other statements about Charles Okocha and the recently concluded fight in the attached video.


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