Yhemolee’s best friend, Cubana Whitelion, speaks on how the socialite was assaulted by cultists as he explains how a false accusations has caused a beef between them.

You would recall that the musician, Lil Frosh had gone online to call out Yhemolee as he claimed that he slapped him.

Yhemolee’s best friend assaulted
New reports have shown that Yhemolee reportedly got slapped by someone alleged to be a cultist.

Yhemolee’s best friend has explained that some guys, alleged to be cultists, beat up yhemolee.

Yhemolee now assumes that his friend, Whitelion had conspired with people to assault him, which has now caused a riff between them.

He leaked a chat where Yhemolee was ranting in his DM over what he thought was a conspiracy against him from his best friend.

Sharing the photos, he wrote …

“My brother fought me till he got sui.ci.dal cos he felt I conspired with you all to assault him. We have not done any wrong to anyone and we have loved and appreciated every of our customers in Bayrock.

We never ever snitched on dosh… never have and never will… we were framed and now the whole world has accused and called us all sorts of names… we’ve been in this business over 10yrs… name one person that can say we have snitched on them…

Why start now when our lives are beginning to get better”