Although Labour Party defeated the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the presidential elections held in Lagos State, the victory has been marred by allegations of electoral irregularities.

Nigerian actor Stan Nze expressed his anger over the result, saying that he believes the victory is not authentic due to discrepancies in the vote count.

“I am so livid. Yes, I know that Labour Party won in Lagos and I know it is something to rejoice about.

“Even that, I know that that result is not authentic.

“There are so many discrepancies, it doesn’t feel real, we have numbers,” Nze said.

He also accused the authorities of rigging the results, saying that the vote count did not reflect the true wishes of the people.

“It feels like ‘let us just rig it small’. No, we are not out for that.

“We want the real result for every place. Because it is not over until it is over,” he said.

Nze called for transparency in the electoral process and demanded that every vote be counted and uploaded to the INEC Results Viewing Portal (IReV)

“Our vote must count; every single one of them. The vote must be uploaded to IReV portal, let’s see it.

“What are the BVAs for if we cannot see the result,?” he queried.


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