Renowned disk jockey, DJ Tunez taps Wizkid and Gimba on his latest release titled, ‘Blessings’.

The creative potential of this new record has been increased by DJ Tunez and Wizkid by allowing Gimba to collaborate with them on it. Gimba, who is renowned for his beautiful voice and moving performances, gives “Blessings” a fresh perspective. The collaboration between DJ Tunez and Wizkid is enhanced by his distinctive style and vocal range, taking the song to new heights.

The collaborative production work of DJ Tunez, Smeez, and D3AN combines a variety of musical inspirations and production methods to create “Blessings.” They combine their individual talents to produce a rich, dynamic sound that combines modern afrobeats components with contagious rhythms and captivating melodies. Due to the involvement of several brilliant producers, the song will appeal to more people than only DJ Tunez and Wizkid fans.

Watch Below:-