Ike Onyema, a former Big Brother Naija housemate, claims that several people told him they slept with his girlfriend.

During an interview with The Honest Bunch podcast, co-hosted by actor Nedu, the reality TV star made the claim.

He related how a high-ranking official once confessed to him that he had slept with his girlfriend.

Onyema claimed that the men who slept with his girlfriend made fun of him by telling him about their sexual encounters with her.

Ike said;

People have told me they slept with my babe more than once. I have been up to like two guys, one was a chairman [bigwig], I can’t touch him. I said, ‘Daddy, don’t worry. I hope you enjoyed it?’.

They be like, ‘You love her? You love when she does doggy?’ [Laughs]. I will be like, ‘Baba, she did that with you too?’ And they will like, ‘Ah! She bad o, no worry’.

In addition, Onyema stated that many Lagos residents are unknowingly dating the same people.

He believes that keeping Lagos’ relationship private is preferable to being embarrassed by someone who is also dating your partner.

The reality star said;

W all dey f*ck each other, we all dey date each other. No worry. I feel like this whole thing now, when it was business, some people will share it, some people won’t share it. When it’s relationship, some people will share it, some people won’t share it.

Again, back to Psychology, if that relationship is so important to you, maybe you won’t share it [the relationship on social media]. Because if you share it, problems will come. If you are ready to struggle through those problems, then you will make it. If not, don’t worry.