As one of the biggest African superstars, Davido has cemented his place in Afrobeats and continues to astound fans and critics alike with his recent album, Timeless.

The 17-track album is a stunning example of what Davido is capable of and has been incredibly successful commercially and critically.

However, Davido recently revealed that some songs didn’t make it to the final tracklist. Every artist is familiar with the situation of having to cut or scrap entire albums, but Davido’s latest album featured some exciting collabs with other artistes that were ultimately removed from the album.

During an interview with Beat FM, Davido was asked to reveal some of the artistes he worked with for the album and the reason for their omission. Surprisingly, one of the artistes he worked with was Mayorkun and the two had a song that was ultimately removed from the album. The reason according to Davido was due to one of the songwriters acting crazy and not getting down to business in time.

In Davido’s words:

“…Ah! Many people o. They are even in my DM like “yo bro, I can’t wait”, I said “baba e no dey oh!” . Uhmm, some cause of like paper work. Who did I work with? There’s a list I think, but shoutout to Fridayy. Me and Fridayy had an amazing record but uhmm, it wasn’t like – it was a Drake sample, but I called Drake and Drake cleared it for me, but then there were like other people that we couldn’t get to in time. So if I probably waited like one more week, I could have gotten it cleared, but I would just put that on the deluxe. Who else? Many people. It’s not even like the song no sweet oh, it just depends.

Like me and Mayorkun had a record, one of the writers on the record was just acting crazy. Then after, his head come fix back but it was too late. Uhmm, who else? Capella Grey from New York. Yeah, BLXST, me and BLXST have a record. Who else? In Naija? Me and Kizz have a whole album so we’re just keeping that for when we’re ready to do that. That’s really it. I think that’s everybody else apart from like producers.”

It is unfortunate for fans to hear about such a great collaboration not making it to the final album, however Davido’s willingness to explain the situation sheds light on the fact that sometimes the process of making an album can be less than intuitive and have unexpected pitfalls. As a result, we are left to rely on the artist’s judgement and judgement alone.