Popular singer, Davido blasts the living daylight out of a man as they engage in a word battle over Nigerian politics.

The fight had started when the Afrobeats singer took to his page to comment on the crooked ways of the country’s politics.

He tweeted:

“Nigeria politics and film trick 🤝 😂”

This garnered mixed reactions from netizens and one netizen said that he’s always quick to criticize the country if the court rules in APC favour.

The tweep @lexyy4real wrote …

“Anytime wey APC get any good judgment you go come rush tweet…”

Davido reacted …

“1. Never said nothing about judgement
2. The Pple wey you Dey defend … u fit go chop for their house ? But guess what? I CAN ⏳😤”

However, another tweep known as @RealAdeshina berated …

“Go chop with Oyetola, ode!”

Davido replied …

“U mean the former governor ?”

@RealAdeshina said …

“Your uncle will become former one day.

Maybe by 2026 or more.

You need to act to your age and stop being a banger boy.


Davido lampooned him with the words …

“Bingo who release u from cage today 🐕 from today ur new name is Bingo … stop distracting me I’m counting money.”