Nollywood actress Georgina Onuoha has criticized her fellow movie star, Chioma Akpotha, for complaining about the disruption that occurred during the voting process in her polling unit on February 25.

Chioma had taken to Instagram Live to express her frustration and had alleged mistreatment by other women.

However, Georgina pointed out that during the 2019 General Election, Chioma had asked her to stop posting about rigging and violence as it could harm her brand.

Georgina accused Chioma of only showing bravery and empathy when something affected her directly and criticized her for lacking integrity and dignity.

“There were various videos of thugs attacking people and carting away with ballot boxes.

“If you all remember vividly one thug in Okoya was almost killed by voters in Lagos when he tried snatching ballots.

“While I was posting those updates, Chioma Akpotha felt the need to tell me to stop.

“That u have a brand to protect and that I should say the election was peaceful.

“She will never forget my responses to ti her and she unfollowed me and I blocked her as well.

“It is incumbent to end friendships with people who lack or sell their integrity and dignity for a few personal gains, I cut you off.”