Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ winner Ijeoma Otabor, also known as Phyna, has criticized her colleague, Beauty, for her new skit project.

The disqualified reality personality launched a new project of a comedy skit that made Phyna mock her, especially since Beauty had belittled her years before.

Phyna mocked Beauty on Twitter, pointing out that everything she did and was criticized for is now being replicated by others.

She expressed disbelief and said she’d mind her own business for the time being. “Everything wey Una use drag me for this street……. Una faves don Dey do am oooh. Omo this one shocked me. Make I face my front sha………..” she tweeted

Some social media users have reacted to Phyna’s tweet.

Emuobo wrote, “Everybody na hypocrite normally because na this same person u wish Happy birthday recently o

Da Observer wrote, “Phyna really suffered in these people’s hands, their faves are now doing skits

Xclusive Tweet wrote, “No vex jare I dey here to yarn with you anytime. Leave dustbin for Lawma na their problem be that. Wetin dey happen for your side?

Frannys wrote, “The sky is big enough for every star to shine. There’s no monopoly of doings. Keep soaring

Edwina wrote, “Na you go find trouble and na you still come dey beg for settlement. Please this is 2024

Victory Ola wrote, “Madam move on, we don tire for u. She can do anything she likes

I Love Jesus wrote, “Phyna rest

Bolu: “Gosh! Leave some things for fans wey no get work and like fight. You no dey taya to stir up fan wars continuously??? Later you will cry of depression and not having real friends when you are the meaning of toxic. Turhhhhh”

@Bigbucks: “Yes, face your front! You mustn’t be a clout chaser all the time! I guess Beauty lives rent free in ya empty head!