Adekunle, an All-Stars star, opened up in a recent interview about some difficulties he faces after leaving the Big Brother house.

The reality TV star shared a list of challenges he has faced since becoming well-known.

It’s no secret that fame has its drawbacks, but Adekunle is experiencing this for the first time when he claims he can no longer use public transit, go to the market, etc.

When asked how he handles his fame, Adekunle replied:

“I will be very honest with you. I find it very difficult to adjust because one of the things that comes with being a media personality is you have to understand the way to live. Unfortunately, I am a very different person, I like to do things differently, by saying this now means I might not be able to do this again. I always go to Balogun and Tinubu market and I put on a face mask. I quickly walk into the market and come back.

When I used to run my business I go to the market by myself. So, going into the house for a few months and coming back I realized that a lot has changed. I found it difficult to adjust to it. When I wanted to connect I was at my call. All those things I used to do, take public transportation, go to the market, or maybe stand at the bus stop because I still want to feel like a regular person. I realized that I will have to do away with some things for security reasons. It’s slower at the pace, but I have to adjust to it.”