The term street in Nigeria’s music industry is most definitely a term used to portray a song, dance, or artiste that reflects the unapologetic, carefree, sometimes violent nature of a typical hood or street in the country.

Years back, there have been successful artistes who made music that connects with the street and represents the street in their lifestyles but of course when the money grows they tend to keep cool either music-wise or lifestyle-wise.

Portable is more like a total package of what a true Nigerian street act should be like; little wonder Olamide decided to put him on and back out to see how much he could flourish with the blood of the street running on his veins.

For Portable, rants and troubles are normal stuff and whenever any of his abnormalities blow out of proportion, he makes music about it and everyone relate in an instant. His debut single “Zazzu Zeh” was a slang he’s been using to identify himself while gradually becoming a social media sensation as a musician and indigenous rant content creator. Hence, Olamide assisted debut single became a hit.

Portable Is An Incredibly Intentional Talent

His new single “Am Not A Prisoner” shows how much of an incredible and intentional talent he is. About a week of travails in the hands of law enforcement agents resulted in a highly relatable and banging single. That’s what real talents do.

Real talents sing from the heart, pour out their feelings into a lyrical bucket, add spice, and boom an incredible musical meal is served for everyone to consume. The song is a reflection of the fact that Portable now understands the power of law and government “After God Na Government”. Yes! If the government is truly ready to correct your unruly behavior by executing the law, you’re going to be in for deep shiiit.


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The song also pointed out the fact that Portable has learned from his mistakes of taking the law into his hands more often “Fa mi leti ki n pe Olopa, ma fejo e sun Olopa”. Exactly, whatever wrongs anyone has done to you, report to the nearest police station instead of taking laws into your hands.

On a final note, there is also a need to give credit to 2TBoyz, the music production duo on this song. These guys have proven themselves to understand how to cook street music and portable working with them lately has been bringing amazing results.

Our Rating

“Am I A Prisoner” by Portable, is a great jam that deserves a rating of 9/10.

What’s your rating of the song?

Written By Adekunle Jelili