Rema, the Nigerian singer, opened up about the impact of losing his father at an early age on his life and mindset.

He shared that before the loss, he didn’t take life seriously and was playful and uncoordinated.

However, his father’s death made him realize the importance of family and changed his perspective on life. It seems that this significant event played a pivotal role in shaping his character and approach to life as he grew older.

Rema made these statements while appearing on the Afrobeats podcast hosted by Shopsydoo. During the podcast, he shared how losing his father at an early age had a profound impact on his life and changed his mindset.

Rema said,

“It [losing my dad] shaped me, to be honest. It shaped my mindset, my mood, you know.

“There was a point in time I was very colourful, I would say. I was funny, running around and unserious. I never took life seriously until when I lost my dad. And it just shows different sides of people. It just shows the importance of family as well.

“Yeah, as siblings we might have our fights, quarrels but you never know when you will just not see them again; the people you are closest to.

“For my dad, my dad used to call me a soldier.”

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