Popular reality star, Phyna washes her family’s dirty linen in public as she speaks out on their sense of entitlement while recalling the unpleasant treatment she endured as a teenager at home.

Phyna broached the topic while speaking in the pilot episode of her podcast, ‘Spill with Phyna”.

The reality star disclosed that 98 per cent of her family members feel entitled to the money she had made for herself.

She stated that she had to leave her aunty’s home at the young age of 15 when it was still her responsibility to train her.

During this time, her father refused to assume the responsibility of finishing up her education, even though he had money at the time.

She said that the experience forced her to start fending for herself when she got into a tertiary institution by engaging in different hustles in order to make ends meet.

Check out some reactions that followed …
amara_shuga said: “Phyna talks too much God !!!!”

db_naturals_ remarked: “Family entitlement and emotional blackmail in Africa should is a topic that has many segments that should really really be broken down”

hugomah_ chided: “This girl enwecharo sense eziokwu!! No matter what I can’t drag my parents out like this bruvhhhhhhhhhh. Most of our parents no try, that’s true, but dragging them out like this? Nawa. Na why e good even when you get home training, try get personal training too. OT!! OT di very important.”

callme__aya urged: “Y’all leave her to tell her story and don’t shut her up!”

realpreshchinah.o commented: “I understand what she’s saying, that thing can pain sha. Abeg don’t judge her if you haven’t been through what she has been through. Everyone has different story to tell and life shows us shege in different ways so let’s be kind with our words.”

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