Lala Akindoju-Fregene, a Nollywood actress, has reacted to the attack on Labour Party (LP) candidate Olumide Oworu.

Today, March 16, Oworu, an actor, was attacked in the Surulere area of Lagos state.

The LP candidate is campaigning to take over Surulere constituency 1 in the Lagos state house of assembly from his senior colleague and APC candidate, Desmond Elliot.

Oworu previously stated that he and his team were attacked while campaigning in Iponri.

In response to the unfortunate incident, Lala argued that Desmond needed to publicly condemn the attack to demonstrate that he does not support the violent act.

She insisted that if he does not speak, he is simply stating his support for it.

She bemoaned the attack, saying it was “horrible,” but expressed gratitude that no lives were lost.

Sharing her thoughts via Twitter, She wrote;

Desmond Elliot SHOULD PUBLICLY condemn the violent attack on Olumide Oworu and his team. If not, his silence will mean he endorses it.

This attack on Olumide Oworu is actually shameful. Kilode??? I’m just glad no lives were lost, because we can be told to snap out of it in the near future.