Popular TV personality and media personality VJ Adams has said that nobody puts pressure on brides to have extravagant weddings but themselves.

In a video, he said that women tend to surround themselves with friends who may contribute to the pressure they already put on themselves.

Adams pointed out that some friends tend to make negative comments about things like the size of the ring or the decor, which can make the bride feel insecure.

“The pressure on brides these days; there is nobody that puts pressure on any bride and groom.

“You are the one keeping friends that will look at your ring and say that ‘the stone is so small, it is not big enough.

“’Oh my God, the décor is so cheap’. You are the one that has those friends.

“There are women that have real friends that are not going to have that foolishness happening around them.

“You are the one that put yourself under pressure.”

The media personality also noted that women tend to put pressure on themselves more than men when it comes to relationships.

Adams highlighted that he has never heard a man criticize a wedding for not being good enough, the same way men do not consider the absence of a car a deal-breaker in a relationship.

He opined that such pressure often comes from women themselves.

“I have not seen a man that got to a wedding and say ‘that wedding is not sweet, imagine the type of décor they did’.

“The same way I have never heard a man say ‘that babe, I can’t date her because she does not have a car’.

“I have never heard that; only from you (women).”