After four weeks of auditions in search of the top finalists of the Nigerian Idol season 8, the top 10 promising music talents competing to be the next Nigerian Idol were revealed by the judges D’banj, Simi and Obi Asika on Sunday, May 21, 2023.

Out of the 29 contenders who made it to the last round of theatre week, 19 of them, unfortunately, did not make it to the live shows.

Among those to vie for the prize are Abraham, Chisom, Constance, Goodness, and Ose Daniel.

Others who succeeded after rigorous auditions and numerous obstacles are Precious Mac, Quest, Raieny, Savy Henry, and Victory.

Progress Chukwuyem won the seventh edition of the show in May last year.

This year’s winner will receive N100 million grand prize, including N30 million as cash.

Meet the 10 contestants below:


Lawyer, poet, and singer Victory was inspired to come on Nigerian Idol because of his personal drive and the people around him.

He was inspired to become a musician after watching Michael Jackson sing and perform.


Ose Daniel, who would like to perform at the O2 Arena was inspired to Audition because of his passion for music and was inspired to go into music in the first place because of his mother whose voice always captivated him when he was younger.

He says his most unique quality as a 24 year old is his ability to adapt to any style of music. This he also believes makes a good artist.


The football loving Contestant made it to the Live Show after a failed attempt last Season and plans to bring originality into his performances. for every opportunity he has to grace the stage,he will be himself.

His love for music came from his father who played a lot of blues music and the church where he learnt to sing.

He believes the key qualities of a good artiste is the ability to connect, have a good voice, and the ability to write songs.


Quest, who has been a professional singer for 10 years, describes herself as an individual who is caring to a fault. According to her, the qualities of great artists are their skill, stage presence, and ability to pass a message in a unique way.

Quest says she is the next Nigerian Idol because she has got what it takes to be one.


Chisom believes he is the next Nigerian Idol because he doen’t give up easily.


Precious Mac whose sisters have also had a shot at the Nigerian Idol title came to do the honours on behalf of her family as they inspired her to ginto music in the first place.

The pasta loving, 23 year old singer believes the key qualities of a good singer are sportsmanship and versatility.


28 year old Abraham was inspired to Audition for Nigerian Idol because he had a message that had to be shared with the world.

The most important thing to him is the blend of his profession and music. Abraham says he will be bringing in the missing piece as he would perform music as an art and science which is a unique trait.


Goodness says she auditioned because she wanted to come out of her shell after losing her cousin. The loss made her realise there wasn’t enough time in the world.

According to her, a great artist is someone who carries everyone along and can be really commercial so all types of listeners can appreciate their music.


Ex beauty Queen Reigny describes herself as a tough lady who was inspired to come on Nigerian Idol by her family and friends.

The most important things to her are peace, sanity, family and good health. Her parents inspired her love for music and viewers should expect a fierce singer on stage.


The youngest Contestant for the Season was inspired to Audition by her late sister and plans to open an orphanage in her sister’s name if she wins Nigerian Idol.