Popular Nigerian singer, Esegine Orezi Allen, aka Orezi has advised Nigerians not to be get carried away by the early results from different polling units across the country.

In a post on his Instagram story, the singer alleged that there were plans by some persons to rig the elections.

He wrote:

”Guys, let’s not be too excited or carried away. There is massive rigging going on. This people will go to any length to hold onto power. They will start coming out with heavy Numbers like 1 million votes for Kaduna now, 4 million for katsina, and Alimonsho Lagos 2 million votes.

”They will tell you that Etiosa LGA don’t count when it comes to numbers. Just watch and see. As far as I’m concerned, this is not a free and fair election

“Too many errors from INEC, unprofessionalism, and Insecurity of votes with all the thugs disrupting the election in Lagos. I don’t see how this stands; see the scenario in Abuja where ‘INEC Reps’ locked themselves and were thumbprinting themselves. What’s going to happen to all this?” he asked.