Lilian Afegbai, a popular Nollywood actress, has revealed that a man she ended a relationship with due to his pretentious lifestyle is now dating one of her big aunties.

Afegbai made the claim on Instagram.

According to her, it has become increasingly difficult to find a genuine relationship because of packaging.

The actor went on to explain how the man in question would rent cars just to impress her, and when they mysteriously vanished, he would lie and claim that he changed them from his garage on a regular basis.

She claimed the man told her he had houses on Lagos Island, but she later discovered he was squatting on the mainland with one of his friends.

She said:

For this Lagos, the more you look the less you see. All that glitters is not gold. You see those things wey dey shine like a diamond, they are not what you think [they are].

Make una dey shine una eyes because these guys right now, the packaging level ehn. Na so I meet one guy, we come say ‘okay let’s go on a date.’ As we go the first date, he don package. You know, he don rent car. After that day, I no see the car again. I ask am say where the car, he said ‘I sell cars you know’.”

She said she got fed up with his lies and broke up with him.

My brain come say, ‘ah omo, I never desperate like this o.’ I said ‘sir, please avoid me, I don’t think we can date anymore.’

Omo, long story short, I come see say this guy don move to one of my bigger aunties, Afegbai added.